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I got a bartending job during the summer of 2001 at a gay club in Canton Ohio called The Boardwalk Nightclub. It was your basic dance club. However, it was located in this old, turn of the century hotel. The top 3 floors of the building were being renovated into a antique mall thing. The top floor was untouched and only slightly gutted. It was a great place for a shoot. Lots of natural light and I only had to use a little lighting for accents. I gathered together my lovely wife Becca and two of our best friends Missy and Marc for the shoot. Our wild card for this shoot was this very beautiful stripper we found the night before at a favorite strip club of ours. We of course asked her to come along the following day for the shoot and she agreed. She was a beautiful young black girl who was very shy but very anxious to see what was going to happen at this shoot.

I picked up our new friend in the late morning and Becca came down a little later with Missy and Marc. I had already got setup and I was ready to go by the time they arrived. We did most of the shooting in the front part of the building where there were a lot of windows and where the sun was coming in for most of the day. The shoot lasted for many hours and I was so thankful to have such wonderful friends that sacrificed their day for me. I really enjoyed doing these pixxx. Hope you like them.