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For the last few years my wife and i have been involved in the Cleveland fetish scene. Believe it or not, there is a damn good one here. I have been very fortunate to be able to work for a few of the major promoters here in many different capacities. Body work Productions, Inc. is the major, most respected body modification shop in N.E. Ohio if not the entire state and then some. Owner Dave Vidra has been orchestrating and organizing many of the major events in Cleveland like Organ Grinders Ball and Big Bad Fetish Ball with their orginators TV Productions. It has been a wonderful experience for Becca and I to model for these events and participate in their growth and popularity.

I was completely honored and shocked when I was asked by Dave to come into his shop to do a photoshoot of his employees, clients and friends. These images are a result of this shoot. In early July of 2002 Becca, our good friend (and film lab tech) Alex and myself loaded up the car and headed to Cleveland for a day of shooting. It was a great experience. I basically took over the lobby of the shop, setup some white seamless paper and a few lights and got to work. I pretty much took everyone in turn and grouped a few people together for some shots. The purpose of this shoot was to try and capture piercings for the website and studio walls. I did this to the best of my abilities but i kept getting distracted by the beauty of the models and alot of what you see here might seem to deviate from the original path. Deviation is good. We pretty much shot for a good 5 hours or so before packing up and heading back. Look for more in this series because some people who were supposed to be at this shoot, but couldn't come and I have to go back to get them.