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This is the second show I had the pleasure to shoot for The Mission Fashion Boutique and it was by far my favorite. The show was held in the old Phantasy Nightclub and Theatre on Detroit Ave. in Cleveland Ohio. The theatre looked as if it was falling in on itself. Very much a dark, dirty old club that has seen its fair share of action. Perfect place for a fetish/goth show. This time there were a few other photographers on hand so that took some of the pressure off me so I could concentrate on doing more fun things. Like taking over the old projection booth of the theatre so I could do more portrait type stuff. The projection space was great. Peeling paint, little to no lights, old freaky looking machines…purrrr-fect!

The show itself was wonderful. And along with the show they had bands playing between runway scenes. Among them were Phantom Tribe, Kill Switch and Razed in Black. So not only did I get a chance to shoot some runway stuff but I had some great bands to shoot as well. But my primary focus was on the projection booth. I had pretty much everyone that was in the show come find me there so I could take their pixxx. It was great. Tons of gorgeous people in an extremely cool environment. I hope you enjoy the pixxx as much as I had taking them.

Again, I shot the runway stuff with mostly 800 speed film and decided that I would experiment with pushing it higher. As for the projection booth stuff I shot mostly 200 and 400 speed Fuji. I never use a flash (or at least on extremely rare occasion). In the projection booth I had 2 to 3 clip lights with balanced bulbs in them that I just sorta moved around the room.