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Another great show that I was fortunate enough to photograph. Just a lot of fun had by all. The show was held at Peabodys Night Club in Clevleand Ohio on October 26th 2002. The setup was much like the last show I shot here. I pitched camp in the VIP balcony bar which was near the models dressing room which lent itself well to me as far as having a nice steady flow of people to photograph. There were so many people at this event and all of them dressed to impress and full of angst. I did setup some seamless paper but I did most of the images here using the surroundings of the bar. The lighting I used for the VIP area and portrait stuff was just some basic hot lights with balanced to daylight bulbs in them. Ya, real hot, real bright and real annoying but I really like the effect I get with them. I just put a few on real long extension cords and dragged them around the club with me…lol. Fuji 400 superia for the color and kodak cn-41 for the b&w’s. The CN is a grade up from the regualr c-41 b&w. I hope I didn’t over do it here with the amount of pixxx but I did shoot 15 rolls throughout the course of the whole night and I really had a lot of nice images. It was hard narrowing it down to the ones here.

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