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This was probably one of the most impressionable shoots for me I have ever done. Induction is a body modification troupe out of Cleveland Ohio and organized by Dave Vidra of Body Work Productions, Inc. The shows are tense and shockingly surreal for the audience and spiritual and cleansing for the people involved. The latter is what I experienced this night. I have a much deeper appreciation and level of understanding after this evening of all that is involved and what not only goes into each show but what each particiapnt puts into it themselves and what they get out of it in return. I was truly touched and moved by the all the happnings that took place this night. I was allowed to spend much (if not all) of the evening prior to Induction taking stage back in the dressing room where all the preperations for the show were taking place…physical, metal and otherwise. I got to see a side of these people that I have gotten to know over the last few years that I never knew. Even though i was just a fly on the wall the imapct of this evening was great. I was very happy to be involved and very anxious to catch as much of the evening as possible on film.