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Another wonderful performance from Induction. This was sort of a weird show. Induction was asked to do a performance between sets of a MushRoomHead concert at Metropolis Nightclub in Cleveland Ohio. This is a huge club. Easily can fit 1500 people and it was completely packed. We use this same club for some of our fetish events. The cool thing about this performance was that the crowd was mostly made up of 18 to 21 year olds. The 18 to 21 year old crowd never gets to see this sort of performance live because the fetish events are always held on nights where it is 21 and over only. So the crowd was way receptive. It was a great show. Tons of energy and excitement. After the performance we all went for eats. One of the girls wore a white slip/dress thing during the performance and didnt change before going to the late night resturant. She was the last one to show up and we were all sitting there and she goes to take off her overcoat and she was still in her white dress which was all covered in dried blood. Like almost soaked. Oh, what fun we had.