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I’m not sure exactly how I started down this path of doing pixxx at events but I think I owe a lot of it to my friend Missy. She introduced me to Martin Lansky, owner of The Mission Fashion Boutique. She had been doing modeling for his store in misc. fetish fashion balls and such. I had been going to such events for awhile now and just knew I wanted to be involved. This was the first show I had ever shot. I had done a previous shoot for the store involving a 12 hour photoshoot at Marty’s downtown warehouse space involving about a dozen models or so. Long day but very very fun.

Anyway, My Bloody Valentine was held at the now de-funked Atlantis nightclub in the downtown warehouse district of Cleveland Ohio. It was a long narrow club but had a nice layout. The stage layout was very nicely done in a sort of a “T” shape. I had never really shot a live performance before so I was obviously a bit nervous but confident enough to do it because I made sure to have all my bases covered. I asked my lab guy (also a photography prof.) questions as to how to get the best results with film, lenses, lighting, etc… I also asked some friends who shoot a lot of bands and concerts so I felt I had enough information to get the job done right.

The venue also had a small VIP area up in a balcony space near the front of the club. I setup a backdrop, some lights and before and after the show I had some friends go out into the club and pull people up to the space to have their pixxx taken along with the other models from the show.

I shot the actual runway part of the night with Fuji 800 and 1600 speed film with no flash. I don’t believe I pushed the film either. I shot the show using my newly purchased Minolta 800si and my old Minolta 9000. The VIP area was shot mostly with 400 speed.