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Naughty Night Out- May 17th 2002 The Mission Fashion Boutique

Naughty Night Out was held at the new Peabodys Nightclub by Tri-C University in Cleveland Ohio. I was a little curious as to how this club was going to be. I had known it from when it was just a big collegey dance type club. I didn’t see it as a place for a fetish show. I was glad my first thoughts were proven wrong. This club kicked-ass! It was a little cramped as far as the runway was concerned but again I found the VIP area upstairs and setup some seamless paper, lights and went to work. The show itself was tough to shoot. The place was packed. It was very hard getting close to the stage. Not to mention that when I did I blocked everyone’s view. I mean, I am 6’7”, not exactly easy for me to blend sometimes. I sought out higher ground and ended up shooting most of the show from ontop of the roof of the DJ booth with the owner of The Mission, Marty. I was pretty upset with how most of those pixxx came out. There was just way too much smoke from the smoke machines and the lighting was not working for me from where I was. The only reason I opted out to go this direction was because I knew that there were at least 3 other photographers on the floor with good vantage spots. So, I opted out to again concentrate my efforts on the VIP room and portrait stuff.

I originally setup down on the main floor of the venue under some stairs that lead up to the VIP and changing rooms. I was booted outta there when I learned that someone else had claimed the area (Red Door Dungeon of Cleveland were going to have a booth there). It was a good thing in the end. I felt much more comfy having my stuff up in the VIP only area and the VIP space had its own bar, which I was never 10’ from. It was a very relaxing evening and we got to see a lot of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. I shot the majority of the stuff with my Minolta 800si but did end up using my Minolta 9000 for a lot of the B&W stuff. Again I used Fuji film (800 for runway pushed to 1200 occasionally, and mostly 400 for the studio/portrait pixxx in the VIP area).