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The Mission Boutique in Cleveland had their 2nd Naughty Night Out (NNO I, 2002) event and it was a fun one. Unfortunatley we got there late just as the show was about to begin and I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped to. I usually shoot anywhere between 15 to 30 rolls of film on a night like this and I only managed to shoot 5 rolls. The show itself was fantasic but me being me I focused on the actual models and grabbed them between scenes and shot in and around the club. This time was a little different for me to in that I didn't bring with me a big setup. Usually I bring my seamless paper setup, lots of lights, blah blah blah. All I had on me this time was my two camera bodies, misc. lenses and a really cool battery powered video light I borrowed from a friend that I mounted on a tripod and walked around with all night. I lvoed shooting like this. Less fuss. I just wish I had the chance to shoot more.