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I don’t even know how to start this paragraph other than I want to thank Dave Vidra of Body Work Productions, Inc. with my whole being for giving me the opportunity to have a gallery opening at his shop in Cleveland in October of 2002. This evening was extremely emotional for me. The last few years I have done nothing but make friends and enjoy taking and sharing images and ideas with them. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to maybe give a little of that back and to show off all of their beauty. The show is currently running at Body Work Productions, Inc in Cleveland Ohio and will be up until Dave tells me to get the hell out…lol. The idea was to have a revolving gallery in the shop and rotate artists in and out ever so often. I really want to thank everyone involved in the production of this event and all the help I received in getting it up. Way to many people to list here but you all know who you are. The 2 people I want and need to mention are of course Dave Vidra for his continuing support and friendship and my beautiful wife who has helped and nurtured my endevors.

Body Work Productions, Inc.