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This was really one of my first shoots. I had been taking pixxx for awhile now but this was one I put a little thought and effort in. The subjects in this shoot were my lovely wife Becca and our very good friend Jacob. Jacob had never really done anything like this before and he has such a beautiful body and is roughly the same size as Becca. I knew they would work well together. I had him come over one night for the shoot and we all had a lot of fun. He was a bit nervous about it at first but eventually got into it and was having a blast. I shot the majority of the shoot with my Minolta 9000 but also did a lot with a borrowed Nikon N90s, which I had for a little over a year or so (thanxxx Steve). Film used was regular old Fuji film, 200, and Kodak C-41 B&W. These are some of my favorite images and I look forward to when Jacob comes back over for shoot II.