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Now this was a interesting night. Becca and I model for this fetish promoter in Cleveland for their fashion shows. Inbetween fashion show events they do other parties under the name Fetish Playland. This was one of their yearly events. I basically brought a short roll of red seamless paper, a few lights and setup in the lobby of the place so I could grab people as they were coming and going. After awhile I got bored with that and I ventured into the club. Another photogrpaher, Ted, was at the event as well and he had this great portable battery powered light on a tripod that he was just carting around the club with him. He and I quickly hooked up and the b&w images in this section I took using that light. Thanxxx Ted. Those are some of my favorite event images. There are a ton of stories from this night and if you were there and involved in them you will appreciate the fact that I am am keeping my mouth shut about it here…lol.

Fetish Playland Website.