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I just don’t even know where to begin with Vanessa. We met Vanessa a while back while doing a shoot for The Mission Fashion Boutique. Like many of the people I have been fortunate enough to photograph, she has a tremendous amount of natural beauty and elegance. Becca and I have a running joke (although we aren’t joking half the time) that we are going to marry this girl. Along with her beauty she has a great attitude about things and is as honest and real as she is beautiful. The majority of the photos you see here are from a photoshoot I was asked to do for Gothic Beauty Magazine by Martin Lansky owner of The Mission. The photos will appear in Issue #6 (The Summer of 2002). The shoot itself was held in a downtown Cleveland warehouse space one Saturday afternoon. I shot everything with my Minolta 800si and 9000 and alternated between a 70 to 210 lens and a 24 to 80 lens. Fuji 200 and 400 speed along with Kodak C41 B&W film was what I shot on.

Other images in this collection are scenes we shot for several magazine submissions which include Skin Two and Marquis. These are the first sets of images and were shot in early summer of 2003.